Fines in 2010 ($2,120,000)
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2010-12-24   Kroy Biermann (DE) $15,000 Illegal hit. Helmet-to-helmet contact on Seattle quarterback Charlie Whitehurst.
2010-12-24   Dhani Jones (LB) $15,000 Illegal hit. Helmet-to-helmet hit on Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.
2010-12-24   Ed Reed (S) $10,000 Roughing the passer, hitting New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees in the face.
2010-12-24   Brian Urlacher (LB) $10,000 Striking defenseless Minnesota tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the neck and head area, Urlacher's second violation
2010-12-24   Major Wright (LB) $10,000 Hitting rookie QB Joe Webb in the head and neck area and leading with his helmet.
2010-12-24   Robert Mathis (DE) $10,000 Struck Jacksonville QB David Garrard in the head and neck area
2010-12-24   Antoine Bethea (S) $10,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Jaguars WR Mike Thomas.
2010-12-24   Devin McCourty (CB) $10,000 Unnecessary roughness. Struck Andrew Quarless in the head and neck area when the Packers tight end was defenseless.
2010-12-24   Kevin Williams (DT) $7,500 Late hit on Chicago QB Jay Cutler.
2010-12-24   Antoine Winfield (CB) $7,500 Unnecessary roughness Jay Cutler. Hit in the head and neck area.
2010-12-24   Dimitri Patterson (CB) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle.
2010-12-24   Demorrio Williams (LB) $7,500 Late hit against St. Louis player.
2010-12-24   Vince Wilfork (DT) $5,000 Major facemask when he grabbed Packers RB Brandon Jackson.
2010-12-24   Terence Newman (CB) $5,000 Spearing Washington WR Santana Moss.
2010-12-24   Knowshon Moreno (RB) $5,000 Major facemask penalty.
2010-12-17   Tyler Brayton (DE) $15,000 Hitting Atlanta's Chris Owens out of bounds. Brayton hit Owens in the head after the Falcons player was forced off the field.
2010-12-15   Anthony Spencer (LB) $12,500 Sideline hit on QB Michael Vick. No penalty was called on the play, which incensed Eagles coach Andy Reid.
2010-12-15   Kenny Britt (WR) $5,000 Wearing a towel with #10 VY written on it. Britt also said he would dedicate the rest of the season to Young, and referred to Young as the “franchise quarterback.” Which must make Jeff Fisher want to pull his hair out.
2010-12-13   Sal Alosi (Coach) $25,000 Tripping Dolphins CB Nolan Carroll – did not offer his resignation today, but at a news conference in New York, he apologized profusely and said he would accept any punishment coming his way.
2010-12-11   Trent Cole (DE) $20,000 Hitting Houston quarterback Matt Schaub in the knee area
2010-12-11   Alan Branch (DT) $10,000 Roughing the passer for his hit on Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford. He struck the quarterback in the head and neck area
2010-12-11   Quinton Ganther (RB) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness for hitting Vikings punter Chris Kluwe at the end of a return
2010-12-11   Andy Levitre (G) $7,500 Striking an opponent late.
2010-12-08   Ndamukong Suh (DT) $15,000 For an unnecessary roughness penalty for a hit on Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler. Referee Ed Hochuli called the play "an unnecessary non-football act."
2010-12-08   Cliff Avril (DE) $15,000 Hit on Bears QB Jay Cutler
2010-12-08   Rolando McClain (LB) $5,000 WWE Impression. Body slamming St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola
2010-12-06   Jameel McClain (LB) $40,000 Helmet-to-helmet shot on Heath Miller. McClain wasn't even penalized for the hit on Miller, though it was an obvious illegal shot.
2010-12-06   Haloti Ngata (DE) $15,000 Hit on Ben Roethlisberger that ended up with Ben's nose broken. Perhaps, the only way Ravens think they could win was to knock Ben out. Too bad. Should have hit harder, Haloti.
2010-12-03   Michael Oher (OT) $5,000 For violating the league's social media policy. Oher issued an update on his Twitter account during a 17-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about his sprained knee, which is against the NFL's rules.
2010-12-03   Bernard Pollard (S) $40,000 For striking Gage in the head area Sunday when the Titans receiver was defenseless.
2010-12-01   Sherrod Martin (S) $40,000 For a helmet-to-helmet hit on tight end Evan Moore in Sunday's loss to Cleveland, with the hefty penalty coming in part because he's a repeat offender.
2010-11-30   James Harrison (LB) $25,000 For his hit on Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Harrison drew a roughing-the-passer penalty for hitting Fitzpatrick helmet-first in the back during Pittsburgh's 19-16 overtime victory Sunday.
2010-11-29   Andre Johnson (WR) $25,000 For slugging it out in the fourth quarter of the Texans' 20-0 victory. Finnegan set off the brawl by jabbing at Johnson's neck and face mask at the line of scrimmage. Johnson ripped off Finnegan's helmet and landed at least two punches to Finnegan's head and neck. The two spun each other, and Finnegan tore off Johnson's helmet before players and referees intervened.
2010-11-29   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $25,000 For slugging it out in the fourth quarter of the Texans' 20-0 victory. Finnegan set off the brawl by jabbing at Johnson's neck and face mask at the line of scrimmage. Johnson ripped off Finnegan's helmet and landed at least two punches to Finnegan's head and neck. The two spun each other, and Finnegan tore off Johnson's helmet before players and referees intervened.
2010-11-29   Jeremy Bridges (T) $20,000 For unnecessary roughness. He hit 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes after Spikes' interception.
2010-11-29   Clark Haggans (LB) $10,000 For unnecessary roughness on a third-quarter running play for striking an opponent in the head and neck area with his helmet.
2010-11-28   Matt Wilhelm (LB) $5,000 For a major facemask against kickoff returner Eric Weems of Atlanta. That penalty helped set up the winning field goal for the Falcons on Sunday.
2010-11-27   Josh McDaniels (Coach) $50,000 The team's video operations director broke league rules by filming a San Francisco 49ers practice in London last month. The NFL investigation determined Steve Scarnecchia took the six-minute video of the walkthrough and presented it that day to McDaniels. The coach declined to view it. But the NFL fined both the coach and team because the matter was not promptly reported, as required by the league.
2010-11-27   Broncos (Team) $50,000 The team's video operations director broke league rules by filming a San Francisco 49ers practice in London last month. The NFL investigation determined Steve Scarnecchia took the six-minute video of the walkthrough and presented it that day to McDaniels. The coach declined to view it. But the NFL fined both the coach and team because the matter was not promptly reported, as required by the league.
2010-11-26   Brandon Jacobs (RB) $20,000 For yelling at Eagles fans during last week's loss to Philadelphia. Jacobs was observed by an NFL security representative making obscene gestures and yelling obscenities toward fans in the stands
2010-11-26   Tommy Kelly (DT) $20,000 For unnecessary roughness against the Steelers when he unnecessarily struck the head of an opponent on a special teams play
2010-11-24   Will Witherspoon (LB) $40,000 Laid a nasty little helmet-to-helmet hit on Donovan McNabb late in the Titans loss to the Redskins.
2010-11-24   Asante Samuel (CB) $40,000 For his helmet-to-helmet hit on Giants wideout Derek Hagan Sunday night. Samuel's hit was notable because after doing exactly what the NFL wants him not to do (leading with his head), he proceeded to do exactly why the NFL hates leading with the head (celebrating) and seemed all but guaranteed to get fined.
2010-11-24   Todd Herremans (G) $5,000 For penalties he received after blocking attempts on Chris Canty, who believed that Herremans was going at his knees.
2010-11-22   Richard Seymour (DT) $25,000 His ejection for hitting Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the helmet. Seymour hit him with an open hand in the jaw.
2010-11-19   David Stewart (T) $20,000 Unnecessarily striking an opponent late. He is a repeat offender, leading to the heavy fine.
2010-11-19   LaMarr Woodley (LB) $12,500 Roughing New England quarterback Tom Brady.
2010-11-19   Cody Grimm (S) $7,500 Unnecessary roughness for hitting defenseless receiver Dante Rosario in the head and neck area.
2010-11-12   Bart Scott (LB) $10,000 For playing with an unbuckled chin strap in the team's Week 9 win over the Detroit Lions
2010-11-12   Chad Ochocinco (WR) $20,000 For violating the league's uniform policy. Ochocinco wore gold cleats during the Bengals' 27-21 loss at Pittsburgh on Monday night.
2010-11-12   Bernard Berrian (WR) $5,000 For wearing yellow cleats during the Vikings' 27-24 overtime victory over Arizona last Sunday.
2010-11-11   Jon Beason (LB) $10,000 For a hit to the head of New Orleans receiver Marques Colston, drew a 15-yard penalty in the third quarter of Sunday's 34-3 loss to the Saints
2010-11-08   Nick Collins (S) $50,000 For his helmet-to-helmet hit on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams. "violently and unnecessarily struck a defenseless receiver" in the neck and head area with his helmet
2010-11-04   Don Carey (S) $12,500 Illegal hit on Dallas tight end Jason Witten. Carey launched himself toward Witten and made contact with Witten's helmet
2010-11-04   James Harrison (LB) $20,000 Late hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the third time he has been fined this season for a dangerous tackle.
2010-11-03   Ernie Sims (LB) $50,000 Hit on Tennessee wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins in the second quarter of the Eagles' 37-19 loss to the Titans on Oct. 24. According to a league statement, Sims was guilty of "unnecessarily striking a defenseless receiver in the neck and head area with his forearms."
2010-10-29   Randy Moss (WR) $25,000 For failing to cooperate with the news media. Players' contracts specify they must make themselves available to the media at specific times each week. Moss last spoke to the media on Oct. 13, then declined interviews after a win over Dallas on Oct. 17, throughout last week leading up to a loss at Green Bay, and after the defeat.
2010-10-29   Phil Loadholt (T) $20,000 Facemask against Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews. Drew a 15-yard penalty.
2010-10-29   Darnell Dockett (DT) $15,000 For a late hit on Seahawks receiver Mike Williams, which also drew a penalty in the fourth quarter
2010-10-29   Haynesworth (DT) $7,500 For striking Bears offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb away from the play during teammate DeAngelo Hall's 92-yard touchdown run with an interception.
2010-10-26   Brad Childress (Coach) $35,000 For criticism of league officiating. Childress was hit "for violating long-standing league policies that prohibit public criticism of officiating and the disclosure of confidential conversations with the head of the NFL officiating department."
2010-10-22   Ray Edwards (DE) $20,000 Spearing Dallas running back Marion Barber on Sunday. Edwards was cited as a repeat offender; he was previously fined Aug. 28 for roughing the passer and Sept. 26 for unnecessary roughness.
2010-10-22   Malcolm Jenkins (CB) $10,000 For two hits, one to the head area of Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman and one out of bounds.
2010-10-22   William Hayes (DE) $10,000 For a late hit against Jacksonville.
2010-10-22   Dave Ball (DE) $5,000 For roughing the passer with a hit to the head or neck area against Jacksonville.
2010-10-22   Wade Smith (G) $5,000 For a leg whip
2010-10-22   Adewale Ogunleye (DE) $5,000 for a late hit on Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel
2010-10-22   Bernard Pollard (S) $5,000 For hitting a Chiefs player out of bounds.
2010-10-22   Kevin Kolb (QB) $5,000 For a horse-collar tackle on Atlanta's William Moore while Moore was returning an interception.
2010-10-22   Dashon Goldson (S) $5,000 For striking Raiders receiver Louis Murphy late.
2010-10-22   Bernard Berrian (WR) $5,000 For a late hit on Dallas DE Jason Hatcher.
2010-10-22   Stephen Peterman (G) $7,500 For a late hit on Giants safety Antrel Rolle.
2010-10-22   Antwan Barnes (LB) $5,000 For unnecessarily striking St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford in the chest and neck.
2010-10-19   James Harrison (LB) $75,000 Punished for his hit on Mohamed Massaquoi. His hit on Josh Cribbs did not figure in the fine, although it also caused a concussion; the league said Monday it was permissible.
2010-10-19   Brandon Meriweather (S) $50,000 Ravens tight end Todd Heap took a vicious hit from Meriweather that Heap called "one of those hits that shouldn't happen."
2010-10-19   Dunta Robinson (CB) $50,000 Robinson and the Eagles' DeSean Jackson were knocked out of their game after a frightening collision in which Robinson launched himself headfirst to make a tackle. Both sustained concussions.
2010-10-15   Terrell Owens (WR) $5,000 Tweeting too close to game time. One hour before kickoff of last week's game, Owens (or someone who works for Owens - it doesn't matter in the eyes of the NFL), tweeted: "A lucky fan wearing my jersey 2day will get a signed football by Me & Ocho Cinco! My asst will pick U out!! Good luck!"
2010-10-15   Antwan Odom (DE) unknown Odom has been suspended four games without pay for violating the performance enhancing substance policy. The suspension begins immediately.
2010-10-15   Michael Crabtree (WR) $2,500 For his late hit on cornerback Tervard Lindley. On the play Lindley intercepted the ball from Alex Smith and then slid down, just like Nate Clements should have done against the Falcons. Then as Lindley started to get back up. Crabtree hit Lindley and knocked the ball out which was then recovered by Lindley. After the play Crabtree was hit with a unnecessary roughness flag
2010-10-14   Nate Burleson (WR) $15,000 Nate Burleson lifted up his uniform to reveal the slogan "What up doe" written on it and later, when scoring a touchdown, punted the ball into the stands.
2010-10-08   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $10,000 Unnecessary roughness. Hit Broncos guard Chris Kuper after Kuper's helmet was off. The league warned Finnegan that similar infractions in the future can lead to increased discipline.
2010-10-08   Marvin Mitchell (LB) $10,000 Major facemask penalty against Carolina.
2010-10-08   Quintin Mikell (S) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle on Redskins receiver Santana Moss
2010-10-08   Jonathan Goff (LB) $7,500 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Bears quarterback Todd Collins
2010-10-08   Jonathan Goff (LB) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness. Hit Collins Late.
2010-10-06   T.J. Ward (S) $15,000 Cheap shot. Delivering a nasty blow to an opponent's head. Helmet-to-helmet hit on Cincinnati wide receiver Jordan Shipley
2010-10-04   Chuck Cecil (Coach) $40,000 Obscene gesture at game officials, violated a rule that prohibits use of abusive, threatening or insulting language or gestures to game officials. Television cameras caught Cecil using his right hand to make the gesture when officials flagged his defense for a neutral zone infraction during the second quarter Sunday.
2010-10-04   Steve Gregory (S) unknown Suspended four games without pay for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances
2010-10-04   Leroy Hill (LB) unknown Suspended for one game and fined one additional paycheck for violating the league's personal conduct policy. Serve the punishment despite being on injured reserve
2010-10-01   Louis Delmas (S) $5,000 Fined by the team for unsportsmanlike conduct in the game at Minnesota.
2010-10-01   Ray Edwards (DE) $5,000 Hitting Detroit quarterback Shaun Hill in the head area
2010-10-01   Ray Edwards (DE) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness when he shoved a Detroit player
2010-10-01   Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) $2,500 Chop block in the end zone in the game against Titans
2010-10-01   David Diehl (T) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness
2010-10-01   Kareem McKenzie (T) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness
2010-10-01   Adam Koets (T) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness - major facemask
2010-10-01   Steve Johnson (WR) $10,000 Inappropriate gesture -- pretending to shoot a shotgun -- after a touchdown in the Bills' 38-30 loss to New England
2010-10-01   Shaun Smith (DT) $10,000 Struck San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis in the groin area during a running play
2010-10-01   Michael Oher (T) $5,000 Punched Browns defensive end Robaire Smith after Smith shoved Baltimore tight end Todd Heap following a whistle that had stopped play for a false start
2010-10-01   Tom Zbikowski (S) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness - tackled Browns running back Peyton Hillis out of bounds at the end of a 48-yard run
2010-10-01   Clay Matthews (LB) $5,000 Grabbing Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler by the facemask
2010-10-01   Earl Thomas (S) $7,500 Taunting after an interception
2010-10-01   Ryan Cook (T) $5,000 Illegal clip
2010-09-30   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $5,000 Threw Giants wide receiver Steve Smith to the ground by his helmet
2010-09-30   Jason Babin (DE) $5,000 Late hit with the crown of his helmet
2010-09-30   Frank Zombo (LB) $7,500 Hitting Cutler in the head and neck area
2010-09-24   Kendrick Lewis (S) $5,000 Contact to the helmet of a defenseless receiver. Browns tight end Evan Moore received a concussion on the play
2010-09-24   Alex Mack (C) $5,000 unnecessary roughness call on Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson
2010-09-23   Eric Smith (S) $7,500 Unnecessarily striking a defenseless receiver. His hit on Patriots' receiver Wes Welker.
2010-09-23   Hines Ward (WR) $5,000 Fined for "excessive face-masking"
2010-09-23   Chris Kemoeatu (G) $5,000 Fined for spearing after he said he came to Ward's defense.
2010-09-22   Brandon Jacobs (RB) $10,000 Tossing his helmet into the stands against the Indianapolis Colts
2010-09-22   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $5,000 His role in a first-quarter skirmish in last weekend's 19-11 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers
2010-09-22   Tanard Jackson (S) unknown Suspended for a minimum of one year without pay for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. Has been suspended indefinitely but will be eligible for reinstatement beginning Sept. 22, 2011
2010-09-22   James Harrison (LB) $5,000 Slamming Titans quarterback Vince Young to the turf
2010-09-21   Duane Brown (T) unknown Suspended for four games without pay for violating the NFL's policy on performance enhancing drugs
2010-09-21   John Harbaugh (Coach) $15,000 Impermissible verbal and physical contact with an official. Made contact with line judge Ron Marinucci in the chest while demonstrating where outside linebacker Terrell Suggs hit Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer during a questionable roughing-the-passer penalty
2010-09-17   Phil Loadholt (T) $10,000 For twice grabbing a Saints player's face mask
2010-09-17   Arian Foster (RB) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness. he reached out and grabbed the facemask of safety Antoine Bethea near the end of a 42-yard run in the fourth quarter. Foster wasn't penalized.
2010-09-17   Sherrod Martin (S) $5,000 For the hit that resulted in a concussion for Boss, who will sit out Sunday's game against the Colts. Martin was fined for "striking a defenseless receiver in the head area."
2010-09-03   Ndamukong Suh (DT) $7,500 Roughing-the-passer penalty on Cleveland Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme in a preseason game
2010-09-03   Ray Edwards (DE) $5,000 Late hit on quarterback Matt Hasselback in Saturday's preseason victory
2010-09-03   Antrel Rolle (S) $7,500 Illegal hit on Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mark Clayton
2010-08-31   Shaun Rogers (NT) $400,000 Violating its personal-conduct policy: carried a semiautomatic handgun in a carry-on bag into Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport
2010-08-27   Ike Taylor (CB) $10,000 Got in a fight during Saturday’s preseason game
2010-08-27   Hakeem Nicks (WR) $10,000 Got in a fight during Saturday’s preseason game
2010-08-26   Chad Ochocinco (WR) $25,000 Timing of his tweets: The use of cell phones, computers or other electronic equipment by players and coaches is prohibited from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game.
2010-08-18   Arthur Jones (DT) $5,000 Low block applied during cornerback Cary Williams’ interception return
2010-01-29   Bobby McCray (DE) $20,000 Two incidents involving unnecessary roughness: delivered a blow to Vikings QB Brett Favre, who was out of the play, and later delivered a blow to Favre’s knee area
2010-01-13   Ken Hamlin (S) $12,500 Hitting in the helmet, and late hit on Jeremy Maclin
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