Fines in 2009 ($1,140,000)
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    Who Amount For What?
2009-12-24   Albert Haynesworth (DT) $10,000 Altercation late in Monday night's game. Struck Jacobs.
2009-12-24   Brandon Jacobs (RB) $7,500 Altercation late in Monday night's game
2009-12-24   Kevin Williams (DT) $5,000 Tackle at the knees
2009-12-18   Richie Incognito (G) $50,000 Two unnecessary roughness fouls. head-butted Sen'Derrick Marks in the first half. He did the same thing to Vincent Fuller later in the half.
2009-12-18   Keith Bulluck (LB) $10,000 Throwing a football into the stands in celebration after an interception in that game
2009-12-18   Bart Scott (LB) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness. Knocked the helmet off Tampa Bay's Adam Hayward in the third quarter of New York's 26-3 win
2009-12-16   Shaun O'Hara (C) $15,000 A scuffle at the end of Sunday's game at Giants Stadium
2009-12-16   Trent Cole (DE) $15,000 A scuffle at the end of Sunday's game at Giants Stadium
2009-12-14   Ryan Mundy (S) $10,000 Late hit on wide receiver
2009-12-11   Jeremy Trueblood (T) $25,000 Unnecessary roughness. Leveled Carolina Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble well after a play
2009-12-11   Tony Brown (DT) $20,000 Unsportsmanlike conduct, poking his fingers through Indianapolis Colts guard Kyle DeVan's facemask
2009-12-09   Flozell Adams (T) $50,000 Shoving New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck in the back.
2009-12-09   Chad Ochocinco (WR) $30,000 Wearing a sombrero after he scored a touchdown during Sunday's win over Detroit. Premeditated and deliberate
2009-12-04   Kerry Rhodes (S) $5,000 Throwing a ball into the stands following an interception
2009-12-03   Steven Jackson (RB) $5,000 Throwing a ball into the stands during a game. Just wanted to toss a present to the handful of fans who were still around at the end of the game
2009-11-21   Dwan Edwards (DE) $5,000 Struck Cribbs with a forearm to the facemask on the final play
2009-11-21   Reggie Nelson (S) $7,500 Roughing the passer: unnecessarily struck New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in the head
2009-11-21   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $10,000 Tackle a Buffalo Bills player by grabbing the facemask and unnecessary roughness for hitting an opponent late
2009-11-21   Keith Bulluck (LB) $7,500 Unnecessary roughness for using a horse collar in tackling a Bills running back
2009-11-21   Spencer Havner (TE) $5,000 Late hit out of bounds
2009-11-20   Darnell Dockett (DT) $7,500 Shoving his elbow against Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's neck after the play was over. Elbow to the throat
2009-11-19   James Harrison (LB) $5,000 Uunnecessary roughness when he struck Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth late.
2009-11-18   Brady Quinn (QB) $7,500 Unnecessary roughness: illegal block, dived at Suggs' knees
2009-11-16   Bud Adams (Owner) $250,000 Conduct detrimental to the NFL: seen making an obscene gesture at Buffalo fans while celebrating Tennessee's victory over the Bills
2009-11-14   Eugene Wilson (S) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness: hitting defenseless Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark
2009-11-14   Chad Ochocinco (WR) $20,000 Taking a dollar bill onto the field during an officials' review of one of his catches
2009-11-13   Jay Cutler (QB) $20,000 Abusive conduct toward a game official: verbal abuse toward the back judge,
2009-11-13   Tommie Harris (DT) $7,500 Unnecessarily striking an opponent: ejected just 65 seconds into the game for slugging Cardinals offensive tackle Deuce Lutui.
2009-11-12   Mike Smith (Coach) $15,000 His role in a sideline scuffle
2009-11-12   LaRon Landry (S) $7,500 Sideline scuffle during the game
2009-11-12   Albert Haynesworth (DT) $5,000 Sideline scuffle during the game
2009-11-12   Jeff Fish (Director of athletic performance) $2,500 Sideline scuffle during the game
2009-11-12   Roy Lewis (DB) $5,000 Late hit. docked for hitting Detroit Lions wide receiver Derrick Williams out of bounds
2009-11-12   Lance Laury (LB) $5,000 Late hit
2009-11-06   Johnny Jolly (DE) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness for head-butting Minnesota running back Chester Taylor
2009-11-06   Al Harris (CB) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness for grabbing a helmet-opening to make a tackle
2009-11-06   B.J. Raji (NT) $5,000 Major facemask violation
2009-11-06   Darnell Dockett (DT) $5,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact in a game with Carolina
2009-11-06   Jeff King (TE) $5,000 Striking an opponent late
2009-11-06   Kamerion Wimbley (LB) $7,500 Roughing the passer: struck Chicago's Jay Cutler in the face
2009-11-06   Clint Session (LB) $5,000 Roughing the passer: struck 49ers quarterback Alex Smith in the knee area
2009-10-30   Antrel Rolle (S) $7,500 For "unnecessarily striking a defenseless receiver". Hit on Kevin Boss late in Sunday's Giants-Cardinals game didn't draw a flag
2009-10-30   Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) $5,000 For hitting Cards DT Darnell Dockett in the face mask after a play late in the game
2009-10-30   Michael Johnson (S) $5,000 For striking the opposing quarterback in the head area
2009-10-30   Levi Brown (OT) $5,000 For a chop block
2009-10-25   Chad Ochocinco (WR) $10,000 Wearing the wrong-colored chin strap: wearing a black chin strap instead of white
2009-10-25   Larry English (LB) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle
2009-10-23   Chris Hope (S) $10,000 Roughing-the-passer
2009-10-23   Jonathan Vilma (LB) $10,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit on Giants quarterback Eli Manning
2009-10-21   Marques Murrell (LB) $5,000 Throwing apparent punches at the Bills' Derek Fine
2009-10-21   James Ihedigbo (DB) $5,000 Throwing apparent punches at the Bills' Derek Fine
2009-10-16   Victor Abiamiri (DE) $5,000 Hitting quarterback Josh Johnson in the face
2009-10-16   Ray Lewis (LB) $25,000 Unnecessarily kicked the opponent and unnecessarily struck a defenseless receiver
2009-10-16   Logan Mankins (G) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness
2009-10-16   Brandon Meriweather (S) $7,500 Unsportsmanlike conduct.
2009-10-16   Ty Warren (DE) $5,000 Roughing the passer
2009-10-16   Kevin Williams (DT) $7,500 Illegal blow to the head of Rams quarterback Kyle Boller
2009-10-16   Artis Hicks (T) $5,000 Pushing Rams defensive tackle Gary Gibson
2009-10-16   Quincy Butler (CB) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle
2009-10-16   Jacob Ford (DE) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness: hitting Peyton Manning
2009-10-16   Asante Samuel (CB) $5,000 Facemask of running back Derrick Ward
2009-10-16   Omar Gaither (LB) $5,000 Hitting wide receiver Michael Clayton out of bounds
2009-10-16   Kyle Vanden Bosch (DE) $5,000 Hit on Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning
2009-10-16   Alan Ball (CB) $5,000 Hit on Wade that drew an unnecessary roughness penalty
2009-10-16   Brian Cushing (LB) $5,000 Roughing the passer
2009-10-16   Gibril Wilson (S) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness
2009-10-16   Tommy Kelly (DE) $5,000 Unnecessarily striking an opponent in the head
2009-10-16   Dave Tollefson (DE) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness
2009-10-16   Trevor Scott (DE) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle
2009-10-09   Tony Brown (DT) $10,000 Roughing the passer (made helmet-to-helmet contact with Jaguars QB David Garrard on one play and unnecessarily slammed him into the ground on another play)
2009-10-09   Adewale Ogunleye (DE) $7,500 Unecessary roughness (a horse-collar tackle against the Lions)
2009-10-09   Mike Wright (DT) $5,000 Roughing the passer (unnecessarily struck Ravens QB Joe Flacco in the head area)
2009-10-09   Haloti Ngata (DE) $5,000 Roughing the passer (unnecessarily struck Patriots QB Tom Brady in the head area)
2009-10-09   Anthony Henry (CB) $7,500 Horse-collar tackle
2009-10-09   Jay Ratliff (DT) $7,500 Helmet-to-helmet hit on Broncos QB Kyle Orton
2009-10-09   Ryan Clady (T) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness: kicked an opponent during a pass play
2009-10-09   Anthony Spencer (LB) $5,000 Grabbing Ortonís facemask
2009-09-25   Sheldon Brown (DB) $10,000 Uniform violation: sporting a Jason mask
2009-09-24   Tyrone Carter (S) $5,000 Unnecessary roughness: hit he made on Chicago Bears tight end Greg Olsen
2009-09-18   Adrian Wilson (S) $10,000 Unnecessary roughness: hit on San Francisco receiver Vernon Davis last Sunday
2009-09-18   Philip Rivers (QB) $7,500 Taunting
2009-09-16   Eric Mangini (Coach) $25,000 Violating the league's rules on injury reporting with former quarterback Brett Favre
2009-09-16   Mike Tannenbaum (GM) $25,000 Violating the league's rules on injury reporting with former quarterback Brett Favre
2009-09-16   Jets (Team) $75,000 Violating the league's rules on injury reporting with former quarterback Brett Favre
2009-09-04   Brett Favre (QB) $10,000 Illegal crackback block
2009-01-10   Dwight Freeney (DE) $20,000 Comments he made after last Saturday's 23-17 overtime loss at San Diego. In a postgame interview with Yahoo! sports, Freeney used two expletives in criticizing the officiating at the end of the game. Indianapolis was called for three defensive penalties on the Chargers' winning drive in overtime.
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